phim hong kong - Truy Tìm Bằng Chứng II 20/20 (Uslt)
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Truy Tìm Bằng Chứng II 20/20 (Uslt)
20 episodes | 568239 views  | 
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cham bi  Description - Thong tin them ve phim

English Title: Untraceable Evidence
Broadcast Year: 1999
Genre: Mystery, forensics
Country: Hong Kong
Broadcast Network: TVB
Number of Episodes: 20
Language: US Long Tieng

Bowie Lam as Tsang Ka Yuen
Flora Chan as Nip Bo Yin (Pauline)
Margaret Chung as Nip Jut Jut
Lee San San as Choi Siu Tong
Hawick Lau as Yeung Chi Lun

Plot Summary: Following the last will of her father, Yan seeks a career within the forensic medicine department of law. Her older sister is a part-time special column writer as well as the moderator of a radio show that helps people solve family and love-related problems, but fails to keep up a good relation with her daughter Jin.

Jin coincidentally gets acquainted with Qiao who works for the legal science department and knowing that he has a crush on CID Tang, she tries to help him win the girl's love. When Qiao later on is accused of murdering his former girlfriend, Jin who believes in his innocence assists Yan and Qiao's older brother Yuan in finding the real killer. During the course of the investigations Yan falls in love with Yuan. However their romantic affair is cut short by the horrifying murder of Yuan...

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