phim hong kong - Phút Lâm Chung - Coming Lies 20/20 (Uslt)
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Phút Lâm Chung - Coming Lies 20/20 (Uslt)
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cham bi  Description - Thong tin them ve phim

Who's the real fraud - a handsome guy or a pretty girl? Hot Taiwanese drama Steal Day In Inside features two most popular stars Dylan Guo and Guan Ying as frauds who eventually fall in love with each other. International action star Sammo Hung, though seldom appears in Taiwanese romantic dramas, plays Dylan Guo's step-father in the series. Can a love that starts with deception survives through the eventful Steal Day In Inside?

Cash (Dylan Guo) and his step-father (Sammo Hung) makes a living by cheating money from other people. Deception is just a piece of cake to Cash who possesses much physical charm. One day he runs into Yu (Guan Ying), an illegitimate child of a rich man. His sympathy for her urges him to help her get back what she deserves, but he does not know that he is actually stepping into a trap...

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