phim dai loan - Ma Thuật Kỳ Duyên 20/20 (Uslt)
ma thuat ky duyen
Ma Thuật Kỳ Duyên 20/20 (Uslt)
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cham bi  Description - Thong tin them ve phim

Synopsis :

The magic among Alec Su, Kang Ta, and Ruby Lin!

A magical variation on the normal romantic melodrama, The Magic Touch of Fate is a never-before collaboration between handsome singers from Taiwan and Korea. While this is the first time for Korean idol Kang Ta to appear in a Chinese TV series, Alec Su and Ruby Lin have already starred as lovers in many well-received TV dramas such as Princess Returning Pearl. Together with other supporting actors and actresses, the cast alone is already a reason to watch The Magic Touch of Fate!

A famous magician, also the founder of Clover Magic Club, has a daughter (Ruby Lin) and an apprentice (Kang Ta) who fall in love with each other. One day a restaurant waiter (Alec Su) accidentally messes up their greatest magic show and almost ruins their whole business. Out of guilt feeling, this waiter decides to learn magic at the Club, but it seems that he is not entirely welcome... Kang Ta, whose popularity in China can be dated back to his days in the Korean group HOT, especially sings the theme 'Just One Day' for the series.

Main Characters :

Alec Su as Wu Jun An (吴俊安)
Ruby Lin as Lin Xiao Mei (林晓梅)
Kang Ta as Jin Xiu (金 修)
Niu Meng Meng as Piao Yu La (朴玉拉)
Kou Zhen Hai as Cai Fei Hong (蔡飞鸿)
Tang Yi Fei as Zheng Ya Nan
Yan Kun as Liu Cheng
Yuan Wen Kang as Wu Qi An
Mou Yun as Wu Feng Nu (Jun An's mother)
Wang Peng as Ma Dong

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