phim hong kong - Hiệp Nữ Long Đong -The Last Conquest 20/20 (Uslt)
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Hiệp Nữ Long Đong -The Last Conquest 20/20 (Uslt)
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cham bi  Description - Thong tin them ve phim

Do you wish to see how Lo Kar Leung acts with Golden Horse winner, Lee Lai Chan in this drama? This is her first attempt to act in a period drama.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Emperor Ching Tuck – Lo Kar Leung
He leaves the palace to Kong Nam because he is forced by his mother to marry Mun Chu. He befriends Fung when he stays at the Long Fung inn. He worships a masked heroine and finds that Fung resembles her. Although he has no proof that she is the one, both have good impression of each other. Love blossoms between them but things don’t work out well.

He is arranged to marry Mun Chu and is moody as the wedding plans go on. Fung comes into the palace to get the manual but gets caught. The empress dowager then arranges Fung to be Ching Tuck’s concubine to force her to stay in the palace. But their love is short-lived when she dies.

2. Pak Muk Yee – Chung Suk Wai
The sects crowd at Long Fung inn to discuss on how to get the secret manual that is hidden in the palace. The Western Ming sect is also included and wants to overthrow the Ming dynasty. They send the sect master’s daughter, Muk Yee to steal it. During the process, she falls for Ching Tuck. But Ching Tuck finds her too despicable to deceive him and he doesn’t reciprocate her love.

3. Emperor Hau Chung – Lau Kong
His father, Chu Mun Cheung kills all his friends after being the emperor. Those people include the Ming sect members. He also keeps all secret martial arts manuals to combine into one. He also hides a pair of dragon and phoenix swords to hide them in the palace. From then on, all pugilistic sects are so badly hit that they can’t combine forces to go against the court. Hau Chung loves a woman. His messengers seize her into the palace so she is made the empress.

Before he dies of an illness, he discovers his empress’s evil plot and she is looking for the secret manual. He buries the secret manual so that she will not endanger his empire.
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