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doi bao ve nhan chung Deadly Protection
Đội Bảo Vệ Nhân Chứng - Deadly Protection 30/30 (Uslt)
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Diễn viên: Vương Hỉ, Ngụy Tuấn Kiệt, Phó Minh Hiến, Thang Bảo Như

English title: Deadly Protection

Phim cũ nhưng rất hay.

Deadly Protection' promises to bring you another eye-popping, action-packed series, starring the 'in' and popular Wong Hei, Ngai Chun Kit, Fu Ming Hin and Tong Po Yu. Do you wish to see why he is only cast as the cop or the policeman? This drama offers you the answers.
Fu Kwai becomes an undercover after he leaves cadet school. He never expects his frist assignment of collecting debts is from his father, Yee. He has no choice but to knock him out to prevent his identity from being revealed.
Through the course of his investigation, he gets to know the Malaysian actress Heung Kum. Heung Kum witnesses Gui (Cheung Hung Cheung) killing someone and Gui sends Fu Kwai and one more man to kill her. She is nearly silenced to death. Luckily, she is protected by Yin Pok , one of the member of the Witness Protection Unit (WPU). Fu Kwai reports all happenings to Kar Dong. When seeing Yin Pok, Kar Dong pretends to be a loanshark to collect money from him.
Heung Kum is out filming and her make-up van explodes. Luckily, Wing Ping pulls her to safety. Chi San chides all for being careless and Yin Pok can’t stomach this. Heung Kam is invited to be the guest to open Sai Bong’s jewel branch. Yin Pok is embarrassed when his father sees him stopping Heung Kam from quarrelling with another actress. Gui holds Chung Yee as hostage and argues with Yin Pok.
To gain Gui’s trust and knowing that Yin Pok wears a protection vest, Fu Kwai aims at his chest to shoot. Thus he is fine while the rest escape. Chi San scolds Yin Pok for defying orders. Chung Yee is startled to know that Fu Kwai is expelled from cadet school. The crooks rob the jewel shop and Fu Kwai is the driver. He deliberately stops the car suddenly and all turn giddy so that the police can arrest them.
Fu Kwai chases Gui to the harbour but Yin Pok pesters him. This delays him and Fu Kwai suspects Tin Wah to be behind all this. Fu Kwai explains his job as an undercover. Siu Han knows that Heung Kam has no new assignments after rejecting category III job offers. Tin Wah forces a magazine to retract their statement to say that he is involved with the underworld.
A filmmaker attempts to rape Heung Kum after making her drunk. Luckily, Fu Kwai saves her on time. Sai Bong forces Yin Pok to work for him by feigning ill but Yin Pok sees through his ploy. Yin Pok and Fu Kwai receive training in the same unit and both never stop arguing with each other. Siu Han is interested in Yin Pok but he hardly looks at her. His heart flutters instead when seeing Cheuk Chi dancing on the street cheering children up.
Fu Kwai stops actors from touching Heung Kam as he thinks that they are overly intimate and she is being taken advantage. Heung Kam is angry over it. Fu Kwai and Yin Pok fail the last test as they insist their own way. Wing Ping reminds them the importance of teamwork. Both sort out their differences and they finally pass the second round.
Tin Wah attempts to buy the old flats. Fu Kwai and Chung Yee parade the street as a form of protest. A bomb explodes and kills Tin Wah’s assistant. Thus WPU sends people to protect him. After Fu Kwai accomplishes his mission, he is transferred to the WPU to work with Yin Pok. They make perfect partners and are appointed to protect Tin Wah.
Fu Kwai is still suspicious of Tin Wah. Cheuk Chi doesn’t like being protected and often quarrels with Fu Kwai. Fu Kwai is the die-hard type who refuses to give in but Cheuk Chi gets interested in him. Yin Pok feels jealous over it. Fu Kwai checks on Tin Wah secretly and gets chided by Wing Ping.
Before Tin Wah sets off for work, Fu Kwai and Yin Pok check on his car. They find a bomb under it and they have to carry it with their hands. Fu Kwai is witty to signal him to throw it into the sea. They celebrate Siu Han’s birthday and Siu Han kisses Yin Pok. Yin Pok gets uneasy.
Tin Wah returns from Taiwan and Fu Kwai checks his mailbox. Tin Wah deliberately leads him to go on a wild goose chase. Sau Ying detects that Cheuk Chi likes Fu Kwai. Tin Wah sets up a movie company. Chi Ping shakes hi head upon seeing Fu Kwai and Yin Pok checking again. Seeing that Heung Kam has proper place to stay after leaving Siu Han’s home, he gets her to stay at his home.
Tin Wah was in fact a deadly criminal in disguise. When Kwai discovered that, Wah immediately took action to ruin him. Fortunately, with the of Pok and Wah's sister, Kwai eventually succeeded to arrest Wah. Tin Wah deliberately burns his goods so that Fu Kwai can find nothing. Chi San has to take Fu Kwai out of the team after getting Tin Wah’s complaint. The others speak up for him.
Tin Wah fails to bribe Fu Kwai. Cheuk Chi sells her sculptures so Yin Pok gets people to buy them. Fu Kwai gives negative comments on her works. Cheuk Chi finds him direct and frank so she likes him more. Yin Pok gets drunk and goes to bed accidentally with Siu Han. He flees quickly the next morning.
It is the new company movie shoot. Heung Kam wants to be in the limelight so she stands beside Tin Wah. The lamp drops so Fu Kwai and Yin Pok go out to snatch it. Both are fine and Tin Wah finds Heung Kam cute. Tin Wah gets Paul to hires a killer to hurt himself. Tin Wah gets flowers for Heung Kam. Fu Kwai gets jealous and hints to Heung Kam he likes her after getting clothes for her. She pretends not to know it.
The killer tries shooting at Tin Wah. Fu Kwai blocks a bullet for Tin Wah and is in a coma. Yin Pok manages to kill the killer. Heung Kam gets anxious after Fu Kwai is shot. Fu Kwai is overjoyed when he wakes up to know that. He is discharged and Cheuk Chi gives him bird nest. Heung Kam gets shy and Fu Kwai rejects Cheuk Chi but she doesn’t give up.
Fu Kwai and Yin Pok rewatch the tape of the killer to see a vanishing smile on Tin Wah’s face. They sense something amiss. Sai Bong loses a business and looks for Tin Wah. Tin Wah denies everything and he suffers a big loss. Yin Bok consoles him and both get closer. Fu Kwai is enraged when Heung Kam attends a film director’s dinner and Tin Wah offers her lavish lodging.
Heung Kam turns a deaf ear to Fu Kwai’s advice and both have a heated argument. Paul extorts Tin Wah HK$300 million to leave Hong Kong. Tin Wah decides to kill him. Cheuk Chi accidentally damages Heung Kam’s antique watch. Tin Wah sends Heung Kam to see a doctor when she sprains her ankle. Cheuk Chi rejects Yin Pok again so he gets drunk AGAIN to sleep with Siu Han AGAIN!
Knowing that Fu Kwai’s commendable flag is lost, Heung Kam searches through the dustbin. Cheuk Chi starts to feel inferior to her. Paul leaves Hong Kong but nearly gets killed. Fu Kwai saves him and he agrees to become their witness. Tin Wah goes to the movie site to give Heung Kam the antique watch. She is delighted but the police come to arrest Tin Wah.
Sau Ying quarrels with Tin Wah. Cheuk Chi finds that Fu Kwai is always against Tin Wah so both quarrel again. Tin Wah is grateful when Heung Kam encourages him. Tin Wah uses Cheuk Chi’s pager to page Yin Pok to follow him to where Paul hides. Chi Ping knows that Paul is bored but cheers him up.
Chi San knows that their target is exposed and decides to leave quickly. Tin Wah sends an empty coffin to the hideout. It has a woman’s photo. Paul gets worked up and Fu Kwai learns that she is Paul’s girlfriend. He arranges them to meet to learn that they have a son. Paul is grateful to him. Sau Ying checks the documents in the safe and Tin Wah quarrels with her.
Cheuk Chi encourages Fu Kwai to apologise to Heung Kam. Both quarrel again because of Tin Wah. Sau Ying sends a private eye to check on Tin Wah and also contacts the lawyer for divorce. Tin Wah pretends that he still loves her. He then transfers all the illegal money into her account. She is in the last stage of bone cancer and is dying. Paul sees Sau Ying in court and starts uttering rubbish.
He has gone mad and can’t testify anymore. Fu Kwai reprimands Tin Wah for doing it. Actually, Sau Ying has bribed Paul’s wife. Fu Kwai wants to bring Cheuk Chi and Yin Pok together. Siu Han is down upon knowing that Yin Pok doesn’t love her. Mrs Chan encourages Fu Kwai to propose to Heung Kam. She agrees to consider. Chung Yee witnesses a killing and is protected.
Tin Wah seeks to kill him. Cheuk Chi decides to leave Hong Kong so Yin Pok accompanies her to look for comics. She drops it on the middle of the road and he dashes across the road, risking his life to get it back. She is touched and decides to stay. Siu Han’s colleague and secret admirer, Yong is wooing Siu Han. Upon knowing that she is pregnant with Yin Pok’s baby, he gets drunk and Tin Wah’s men put a tracing device on him. Tin Wah celebrates Heung Kam’s birthday with her.
Heung Kam rejects Fu Kwai’s love declaration. Fu Kwai feels unbearable. Chi San scolds him for getting out alone without informing. Yong beats Yin Pok up and requests to switch to another group. The tracing device drops on the floor and all are shocked. Siu Han blocks a bullet for Yin Pok during the attack and Chi San realises that she is pregnant. Yong quits out of guilt.
Sau Ying returns from Hong Kong after her chemo treatment. Tin Wah arranges to meet her at the cliff and later fakes her death through a car accident. He bribes over her doctor, claiming that she is in low spirits after her treatment. Paul dies in the asylum. Fu Kwai knows the two deaths are linked to Tin Wah. Cheuk Chi finds out that Sau Ying buys seafood on that fateful day. She starts to doubt Tin Wah.
Cheuk Chi checks his computer to find out his illegal activities evidence. Tin Wah sees that all the files are missing and goes chase. Cheuk Chi is knocked down by a car. She loses her memory. Tin Wah’s men want to kill him to silence her but he saves her. Cheuk Chi is under protection and Tin Wah is being tailed by the policemen. Yong now works for a security firm and he takes up the assignment.
Heung Kam’s new movie is used by the illegal funds. Heung Kam’s acting sucks and the movie is a flop. She feels terrible but Fu Kwai is beside her. Fu Kwai knows that Cheuk Chi is only pretending to suffer from memory loss. A killer pretends to be a doctor and takes her away. Siu Han s Yin Pok when he is beaten up by the killer. She is kicked in the stomach and Chi Ying blurts out that Siu Han is pregnant. Yin Pok is stunned by the news.
Tin Wah announces that the movie will have a sequel. Fu Kwai seizes this chance to reveal that he is trying to use illegal money and both men fight. Wing Ping’s spine is hurt during an assignment and all request him to get operated. Siu Han is concerned for him and realises that she loves him all along. Wing Ping is touched and listens to her. His operation is a success.
Yong visits Wing Ping and reveals Tin Wah’s whereabouts to him. Heung Kam calls Tin Wah to test him – she finds out where Cheuk Chi is kidnapped to. Tin Wah realizes that Cheuk Chi is only faking memory loss. She tries to escape in vain from him. Cheuk Chi has no choice but to shoot him with a gun. She injures his arm and he is caught.
Tin Wah runs away from prison and holds Heung Kam hostage. Fu Kwai tries to arrest him and manages to rescue Heung Kam. He goes steady with her while Yin Bok takes care of Cheuk Chi after this tragedy. Both also become a couple together.

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