phim hong kong - Đời A Vượng - Life Made Simple 32/32 FFVN
doi a vuong,chuyen a vuong
Đời A Vượng - Life Made Simple 32/32 FFVN
30 episodes | 790803 views  | 
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cham bi  Description - Thong tin them ve phim

Roger Kwok (confirmed)
Jessica Hsuan (confirmed)
Michelle Mai
Raymond Cho
Winnie Yeung (Withdrew)
Angela Tong (Confirmed)
Hui Siu Hung (Confirmed)
32 episodes
Filming Starts
March 2005
Wong Wei Sing 黃 偉 聲 ( Wong Fei Hung - Maste Of Kung Fu, Square Pegs, Find The light )
This show has nothing to do with the original 'Square Pegs', apart from the main character 'Ah Wong' being mentally disabled. When Ah Wong (Roger Kwok) was thee years old, his mother (Michelle Yim) could no longer stand his father (Paul Chun) and left, taking him with her... After growing up, Ah Wong finds his place in society and meets his ambitious and determined 'Lo Por Jai' (Jessica Hsuan) and a success-hungry young talent (Bosco Wong). Ah Wong decides that in order to marry his beloved, he will work hard to be a useful person, so he finds his first job in the dessert cafe where his mother works and creates 'Lo Por Sweet Dumplings' that spark a massive trend...

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